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Mucinous adenocarcinoma of the intestinal type arising from mature cystic teratoma of the ovary: a rare case report and review of the literature

Masaaki Takai1, Masanori Kanemura1*, Hiroshi Kawaguchi1, Satoe Fujiwara1, Saha Yoo1, Yoshimichi Tanaka1, Satoshi Tsunetoh1, Yoshito Terai1, Takashi Yamada2 and Masahide Ohmichi1

Author Affiliations

1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osaka Medical College, 2-7, Daigaku-machi, Takatsuki, Osaka, 569-8686, Japan

2 Department of Pathology, Osaka Medical College, Osaka, Japan

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Journal of Ovarian Research 2012, 5:41  doi:10.1186/1757-2215-5-41

Published: 5 December 2012



Mature cystic teratomas (MCTs) are the most common germ cell tumors of the ovary. Malignant tranformation occurs in 1-2% of these neoplasms. Although most of the malignancies arising from MCTs are squamous cell carcinomas, adenocarcinoma of the gastrointestinal type is extremery rare. We herein present a case of adenocarcinoma of the intestinal type arising from a MCT.


A 49-year-old female underwent surgery for a left ovarian tumor. The histology of the cyst walls revealed a MCT with a few hair shafts and a squamous layer, while another part of the tumor showed adenocarcinoma of the intestinal type. Five years after surgery, she is alive without disease.

Malignant transformation; Mature cystic teratoma; Adenocarcinoma; Intestinal type